Conversations is a Jabber/XMPP client for Android 4.0+ smartphones that has been optimized to provide a unique mobile experience.

Conversations is the technology leader in mobile XMPP instant messaging. This is the recommended XMPP/Jabber client for Android mobile devices featuring XEP-0384 OMEMO, a state of the art multi-end-to-multi-end encryption method which is very easy to setup and gives you forward secrecy and plausible deniability. For backwards compatibility reasons Conversations also supports OTR and OpenPGP.

KodeNet XMPP/Jabber users can connect with Conversations following these simple steps.


  1. Tap Manage accounts from the upper-right corner of the Conversations window. Conversations

  2. This next screen is optional but recommended to add an Avatar picture. Conversations

  3. On this last screen specify your Jabber ID account credentials. Be sure to check Register new account on the server if you need to register a new KodeNet XMPP account. Conversations

The account should now show it is connected and online in the displayed user roster.

When tapping Manage Accounts to list your connected account, you can then tap your account and the 3 vertical dots in the upper-right of the device to be presented with additional options. From those options you can select the Server info box to have Conversations display some features available in the current connected session.


By default newly connected accounts will see a Support contact in the roster list. This contact is not required to have and can be removed or re-added at anytime. This contact is simply available for questions and assistance.