Xabber is an open-source XMPP client for Android. It supports multiple XEPs, Off-The-Record (OTR) chat encryption and is available in multiple languages. Xabber is built around open source standards, interoperability, design and user experience.

Xabber has no plans to support OMEMO encryption and refers to those seeking privacy as junkies and crypto-nerds in addition to other wild assumptions. KodeNet values user privacy and therefore would not recommend this client.


Xabber users can connect a KodeNet Jabber ID with the following steps.

  1. Tap ADD ACCOUNT after launching Xabber for the first time. Xabber

  2. By default XMPP will be selected for the account type. Enter the XMPP/Jabber username and password created during registration in the next two fields, then tap ADD ACCOUNT in the upper-right of the screen. Xabber

  3. This next screen has several options that can be set. Once the account is enabled tap Edit account in the upper-left of the screen. Xabber

  4. The account should now show it is connected and online in the displayed roster screen.


By default newly connected accounts will see a Support contact in the roster list. This contact is not required to have and can be removed or re-added at anytime. This contact is simply available for questions and assistance.

Additional Info

From step 4
  • Tapping the 3 horizontal line list in the upper-left next to where it says Xabber will present the main list menu and allow the following actions
  1. Verify Online status
  2. View Settings
  3. View Xabber About info
  4. Exit Xabber Xabber
  • Tapping the 3 dotted vertical menu will allow the following actions as shown below.



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