Chat Accounts


There are a couple ways a new user can register a KodeNet Jabber account to begin chatting with friends, family, co-workers or anyone who needs a way to communicate via secure Instant Messaging.


Per XEP-0077

In-band registration must make it possible for an entity to register with a host, cancel an existing registration with a host, or change a password with a host.

The convenience of in-band registration is that a user may register an account using an Instant Messaging client provided it supports the XMPP protocol.

KodeNet features an integrated free and open-source XMPP chat client. On the main website vistors will notice a blue chat bubble at the bottom-left of the page. Once the web client is open there will be available Sign in and Register tabs. Chat Clientn Chat Clientn

Available KodeNet domains or can be entered in the Register tab followed by Fetch registration form.

Web Page

KodeNet XMPP also has an available web registration page allowing registration on the following domains:

Domain Score IM observatory score IM observatory score

New registrations must complete a required CAPTCHA in an attempt to fight off spammers and determine whether or not the user is human.