Connecting to the KodeNet IRC network from XMPP/Jabber is possible using biboumi - a Free, Libre and Open Source XMPP gateway that connects to IRC servers and translates between the two protocols.


XMPP Multi-User Chat

KodeNet has an integrated gateway that allows XMPP group chats and IRC channels to send messages back and forth between both networks. The following will demonstate how this can be done.

These steps may vary between XMPP/Jabber clients depending on the User-Interface, but should be fairly similar. The examples use the Adium client.

  1. Begin by having your XMPP/Jabber app join a Group Chat, then enter the IRC channel and server address irc.im.koderoot.net. XMPP-to-IRC

  2. In our example we specified #kodenet for the IRC channel we want to join. Note that we are using a # symbol with the channel name. This is a standard IRC channel naming convention. Joining with your XMPP/Jabber app will then connect to the KodeNet IRC network. XMPP-to-IRC


Internet Relay Chat